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Are you interested in joining any of the following serving teams?
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Church is so much more than attending on Sundays. Here's how to get plugged into life at City:

Community Groups

Community Groups are central to the life and mission of City Church. It is where ordinary people work out what it means to be follow of Jesus, care for one another, and love our city. Evenings vary between Bible study, prayer nights and shared meals. We have groups scattered throughout the city.

Over summer community groups are paused until September. To get involved listen out for community group registration toward the end of August.

One to ones

One to one’s are designed for men and women to meet with someone of the same sex to be encouraged, helped and challenged in our faith. We have been called toward Jesus Christ and toward one another as a result of our relationship to Him. One to one’s are a way in which we seek to do this.

If you would like to have a one to one please email [email protected] or visit the connect table

Prayer triplets

Mutual encouragement in the Gospel and in prayer is what prayer triplets are all about. It is up to the participants in each triplet how often they meet, how they meet and what exactly they discuss. Most triplets have a group call once every week or so to pray for each other. Some groups share encouragements from scripture.

In general, triplets form organically from Community Groups. If you want to join or start one then gather two others from your CG or chat to your CG leader.


We serve at City Church, not just because there's work to be done, but because it's a way for us to live out God's varied grace in our life together. He has gifted each of us in unique ways and called us to use those gifts to serve one another. And a side effect of this is that serving together is a great way to get connected, to build relationships, and to get embedded.


Giving to support the ongoing ministry at City Church is something we're called to do for a few reasons. First, we're to be generous as God has been generous with us. Next, it's a way of expressing our dependence on Him to meet our needs as we are generous. And it's a way of living out the Lordship of Jesus, giving Him top place in every area of our lives, including the financial. In short, giving not only meets the practical needs of the church, it is an act of worship.


Every Sunday we offer anyone at City whether new or regular to come and have lunch with others. This is a wonderful way to continue to grow our relationships with one another and make new friendships. Each week the lunch will be hosted by members of City Church and we ask for €2 contribution toward the cost of the food.

To sign up go to the connect table opposite the tea and coffee.


Membership is an important part of our life as a church body both for the flourishing of you as an individual believer but also for the wider cause of the Gospel in our city. Our mutual commitment to one another reflects the God who pledges himself to us through the death and resurrection of his Son. Membership at City means that you will be committed with the other members to; 1. Attend 2. Pray 3. Give 4. Serve and 5. Live Godly Lives.

To start the membership process please visit this link or to talk more about this please speak with one of our elders.

    Serving at City

    Being united to Jesus means we're joined to each other too - part of Christ's body, the Church. Like a body has different members with different jobs, City is made up of people who serve each other in different ways, so that Christ's body is built up together in love.If you call City church your home - even if just for a brief season - why not consider serving on one of our ministry teams? For more information, or to get involved, please chat to the ministry team leaders.


    At City Church we want to make people feel welcome, whether they are new, just visiting, or are established members. This happens organically all the time as the gospel changes our hearts and compels us to love others.

    The Welcome Team compliments this, along with the Hospitality and Connect teams. In particular, the Welcome Team seeks to make people feel at home from the moment they come to City on a Sunday morning by being a welcoming face and the first "Hello!".

    Welcome Team members are people who know the benefit of helping the outside feel at home. They love to meet new people and can carry a conversation with people that they are just getting to know.

    Those serving on the Welcome Team should arrive no later than 10am to begin welcoming people. They usher people into the screen and seek to chat to any newcomers straight after the service. Each member serves once a month.

    Peter Thompson is the Welcome Coordinator. You can chat to him to get involved.


    The Hospitality Team is there to welcome everyone who visits City Church. By offering tea, coffee and pastries, we become a "friend to strangers" (the Biblical meaning of hospitality) and encourage fellowship. 

    Members of the Hospitality Team have the ability to multitask and work in a hectic cafe setting. They are willing to talk with many people on a Sunday morning. The other team members will show you what to do, and you'll never be on your own.

    The Hospitality Team is responsible for preparing the Communion Elements; preparing and serving coffee and treats; tidying up the cafe and keeping things organised for the following week; and serving at occasional special events, like Baptisms and Carol Services. Those on the team serve one Sunday a month from 8.30am to 12.30pm.

    Dorine Linn is the Hospitality Coordinator at City.


    The Operations Team aims to make the church inviting and does the work in the background to get everything set up for Sunday services. This includes making up both the main theatre and the kids' room so that they work functionally and are aesthetically inviting.

    Members of the Operations Team work together in small groups before and after the service to set up the two theatres and put up the sign directing people to the church. They should be able to arrive at church from 8.45am to start set up, and begin tear down after the service. People on the team would serve around once a month.

    Lizzie Andres is the Operations Coordinator at City.


    The Audio-Visual team is there to ensure all the technical aspects of the service are in good running order to ensure the service functions fully as intended so that no one notices we are there, from projection of the slides to the mixing of the audio for the band and everything in-between.

    If you have an understanding of computers and/or a sound desk and have a willingness to learn more about how the tech in City is run then you are the ideal person for joining the AV team.

    The AV Team serves from 8.30am to 12.30pm on Sunday mornings.

    Current roles open:

    • Sound desk
    • Audio/ video streamer
    • Audio editor
    • Website manager

    Ross Jarvis (AV coordinator at City) is the person to contact if you are interested in any of the roles above.


    Worshipping God together in song is one expression of our unity under the Gospel.  On the worship team, we seek to lead the congregation in music in ways that do not distract and put the focus on Him.

    Practically speaking, this means serving every third or fourth Sunday and helping with special events and services as they come up.

    If you sing or play an instrument and are interested in using these abilities to serve and lead, please contact Ben ([email protected]).

    Ben Linn is the Music Director at City.


    At City Kids, faithful Bible teaching is at the centre of our time together. Our aim is not to simply entertain children or to keep the service quiet for adults, but to faithfully teach the gospel in fun, engaging and age appropriate ways, so that they may come to know and love Jesus for themselves. Through teaching the Bible, singing, praying, playing games and doing craft, the children learn who God is and what that means for them.

    Whilst the primary responsibility is with parents to disciple their children, we seek to support and complement that teaching each Sunday morning, and to provide the children with other godly role models.

    City Kids’ leaders are all godly believers who are engaged and committed members of City Church. All leaders undertake Garda Vetting, safeguarding training and are required to provide references for their suitability as a City Kids’ leader.

    Philippa Smith is our Kids Ministry Coordinator, and you can chat more to her about City Kids.


    Sunday worship services see us come together as a church family and participate together in song, in prayer, and in the sharing of God's Word. 

    Leading prayer, reading the Bible passage, and guiding the congregation in various parts of the service are all part of the work of the Service Team.

    If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Ben Linn ([email protected]).


      If you are not a member, you can find out about what it means to be a church member and the membership process here.