The Father of Nations

City Kids Parent Take-Home
5 November 2023

Genesis 12-13

Big truth: God promises to bless the nations through Abraham
Christ connection: Jesus is the blessing for the world!
Memory verse: Psalm 32:1 song
Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.

Dinner-table questions
  1. Do you think it was easy for Abraham to leave his home? Why did he go?
    [Knowing and following God is better than anything!]
  2. Can you remember the last time your heart was selfish? Why?
    [We think that our things – toys/clothes/money/friends – will make us happy and safe, so we don’t want to lose or share them] 
  3. How does remembering that Jesus is actually the best blessing, help when your heart is selfish?
    [Loving Jesus first helps us not to love our things too much. Our things get old, boring and broken, but Jesus is always wonderful]
Family Discipleship activity: family trees

Draw your family tree, as far in the past as you can remember! Show your children some pictures from your family history: their baby photos, photos of you as a child, photos of their grandparents and even great-grandparents. Share any stories that you know about your ancestors. 

In Genesis 3, God promised that the snake-crusher would come from Eve’s family. 
In Genesis 12, God promised that blessing would come from Abraham’s family. 
Talk about Jesus’ family tree: do you know who else was part of it? It was full of sinful people, but God used them all in His great rescue plan to lead to Jesus. 

You could listen to Shai Linne’s rap: Only Jesus

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