A Table and a Tower

City Kids Parent Take-Home
29 October 2023

Genesis 10-11

Big truth: People wanted to be great, but only God is great.
Christ connection: Jesus brings people from all nations together into his good kingdom.
Memory verse: Romans 6:23 song
For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Dinner-table questions

Try to build the tallest tower out of lego, jenga, or plastic cups. Talk about the Bible passage:

  1. From Noah came all the families, tribes, and nations of the world. Why is it a good thing that God planned different nations?
    [God is the great God of everyone, He cares for people everywhere] 
  2. The people built a tower because they wanted to be great. What are some ways that we show proud hearts? 
  3. Who did Jesus come to save and bring into his family, the church?
    [people from every language, tribe and nation]. 
  4. How can our family spread God’s glory and make Jesus famous? 
Family Discipleship activity: Pray for missions

Jesus will bring people from all over the world into his good kingdom. But there still are over 3 billion people who have never even heard about Him! You could start praying for unreached people as a family. Pray that God will send missionaries to tell about Jesus, and that these people will trust Him! 

Here’s a family prayer guide or podcast to help you pray for the world. You could pray for one of the groups every week. You could find them on a map, or even eat something from their country!

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This week’s Bible story video: